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Please note:  Prices below are for a typical RESIDENTIAL POOL under 35,000 gals.  Extra charges could apply if you water is not balanced (Start Up Service) or if the equipment is not working correctly which includes non-working filters. 

CHEMICAL ONLY & FILTER CLEAN- $75.00/month  (with 12 month service contract)

Test water for proper chemical levels.
Add chemicals to balance water this includes Chlorine, Soda Ash, Bicarbonate, Muriatic Acid, and basic Algaecide as needed.
Empty and inspect sweep bag, automatic pool sweep, pool cleaner feed filter, skimmer basket, and pump basket.
Check your filter cartridge(s) & pressure weekly. Clean your filter cartridges twice a year. (DE or Sand Filters are cleaned for an additonal cost).

CHEMICAL PLUS - $90.00/month  (with 12 month service contract)

Includes Chemical Only Services
For pools with solar heating, turn solar off or on and drain the solar panels (only if drain spots are reachable without a ladder).
Brush steps, swim outs, and connected spa. pump basket.
Visually check equipment for proper operation.
Make seasonal adjustments or recommendations for timer box settings

FULL SERVICE - $110.00 / month  (with 12 month service contract)

Includes Chemical Only & Chemical Plus Services
Vacuum pool floor.
Brush pool walls as needed.
Skim pool and connected spa surface as needed.
Please Note: Most popular service for customers. Recommended for customers without an operating pool sweep and/or have lots of vegetation near pool.

Other Services offered
Includes Chemical Plus Services for one month.
Please Note: If you have a regular pool service already and chemicals are within normal range, Start Up Service will be waived. You will only be charged for chosen service plan.
Includes Deluxe Chemical Services
Cleanup and stabilize green pool.
 It will generally take 2-3 days to clear up pool and stabilize it. If additional applications are needed, we charge $50 + chemicals for each visit. (Additional visits are charged to customers who have not signed up for regular pool service with us). Only on rare occasions are additional visits needed. The additional applications are normally a result of equipment not working properly or settings not correctly adjusted.
Included with all services.
SERVICE CALLS - $80 per Hour (Free Estimates)
Customers will be charged for materials below retail prices if they are available from wholesaler
We will provide you consulting services to help you learn how to take care of your own pool.  
For repairs over $500 we have a network of licensed contractors to get the job done.  It is our goal that you get the best quality at the lowest price.  The best part is you don't have to haggle or guess at what a fair price is, we do all the work for you.  




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