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The Mosquito and Vector Control Agency may opt to impose fines of up to $1000 per day
An abatement proceeding may ensue in accordance with state and local laws. Abatement proceedings typically consist of:
1. Formal notification of initiation of proceedings and deadline for eliminating source of vector production.
2. If deadline is not met, the mosquito and vector control agency may implement remedial measures and charge landowner for all associated costs including labor, vehicle expenses, pesticide, and legal expenses.
3. As an alternative, a mosquito and vector control agency may opt to impose fines of up to $1000 per day to the property owner or place a lien on the property until such time as the source of the vector has been eliminated and all fines have been paid.

Abatement proceedings take time and are used as a last resort, but are a legal recourse available to mosquito and vector control agencies if other methods to eliminate a vector source have failed.

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What is a green pool?
A “green” pool has abundant organic matter or bacterial growth, often with leaves or other debris, resulting in green to blackish-colored water. These pools are not properly maintained with filtration and chemicals and are generally neglected by the property owner.

Standing water is a source for mosquito production. Mosquitoes can carry and transmit WEST NILE VIRUS (WNV). Two species of mosquitoes abundant in this type of habitat are the most important carriers and transmitters of WNV. These mosquitoes commonly lay eggs in green swimming pools. The eggs hatch and emerge as flying, biting adults in as little as 7-10 days. A single green pool can produce millions of potentially WNV infected mosquitoes over the course of a summer!
What will happen if my pool is reported to local mosquito and vector control agency?
A series of actions usually occur. These vary by agency and listed below is one possible course of action.
1. Mosquito and vector control staff will attempt to contact the homeowner or tenant to let them know the pool may be producing mosquitoes; they will ask permission to check and possibly treat the pool to control the mosquitoes.
2. Mosquito and vector control staff will work with the homeowner or tenant to permanently solve the problem, including providing information about how to accomplish this goal. Information is likely to include the options listed above.
3. Mosquito and vector control staff will give the property owner or tenant a reasonable time frame to address the problem by whatever means is deemed appropriate for the particular circumstances.
4. Mosquito and vector control staff will re-check to insure that preventive actions are being implemented.
5. As a last resort after attempting to work with the property owner or tenant, the mosquito and vector control agency may determine it is appropriate to implement an abatement proceeding. This will occur only if the previously contacted property owner or tenant has NOT implemented corrective action in a reasonable amount of time.

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